Minecraft mods

On this pages you will find all the latest new and best of Minecraft mods created by Minecraft community. The current latest and most used version are Minecraft 1.12.2 Mods, but also the most popular versions of mods are for 1.11.2, 1.10.2.

Cosmic Armory mod - screenshot 1

Cosmic Armory mod – not yet another mo’swords mod

Cosmic Armory mod is mod created for Minecraft 1.12 by milomaz1. With this mod you're able to get new great passive machines with a...
Placeable items mod screenshot

Placeable items mod – decorate your home with items

Placeable items mod allow player to place any items to decorate your home such as artist gallery, stable, granary and many many more. Items...
Tree Growing Simulator Mod

Tree Growing Simulator mod – from the sapling to the forest

Tree growing simulator is one simple and fun mod which was written up by the request of one user who was looking for a...
Raiders mod

Raiders mod

Raiders mod adds a new mobs with new and different classes included with a progression difficulty system. Raiders looks like usual Minecraft players in...
Modern lights mod in modern house

Modern Lights mod – lighting for your modern building

Modern lights mod adds new modern types of light to your Minecraft. So, finally you can now simply add new modern lights to your...

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