Minecraft Movie in original title also known as Minecraft: The Movie is a long-awaited and anticipated movie that should come to the cinema. This movie is (will be) a Swedish-American 3D animated film based on the most popular game ever made, Minecraft. It was written and directed by Peter Sollet. Just for a brief review, this game has been sold in incredible 100,000,000 copies and is part of the most popular ever made and played game.

The unlucky side of this movie is that Jill Messick was working on it, which died of suicide (2018) during the production of this film. At that time she was 50 years old.

Plot of Minecraft The Movie

The story tells of a young teenager and her group of adventurers trying to save their beautiful world Overworld from Ented Dragon.

Minecraft Movie Release date

There is a lot of controversy over this movie and the question is whether the movie will ever be released, so the current release date of this movie is unknown. The last announced date was May 24, 2019, but it looks like the movie will not be released on this day. Fans and lovers of this game certainly believe that the movie will come out soon, and some unofficial announcements stated that it could happen even in 2019.
Current status of release date remains for know, unknown.

Minecraft The Movie on Youtube by BlueMonkey

In meantime, when we all waiting for a big movie from WarnerBros, check out this small and nice movies made by BlueMonkey. Enjoy.

Conclusion of Minecraft Movie

As far as the economic side is concerned, the movie will surely be successful regardless of whether it will be great or badly made. We certainly believe that the story line and the film’s performance will not disappoint a great majority of audience. We do not think only of the fans of this game, but also on a younger population, and among them the older audience who will be happy to take their children to watch the movie of the most beautiful game in the world.
Whether the movie will go out or not, it will only be guessing, but we believe that the popularity of this game will certainly help make the date of the movie final soon.


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