Monsterley HD Universal Resource pack for Minecraft 1.13.1 is another one improvement of famous and familiar texture pack Monsterley. Both are created by the same author MC_MonaLisa. The biggest difference between them is that new pack has high resolution of 128×128, while other version uses 32×32 textures. Monsterley HD Universal is a relatively high resolution semi realistic texture pack. All textures are similar with colors and content to original vanilla Minecraft. So, in final words, with this resource pack you will get the same default Minecraft game with better resolution and with a whole better graphical impression. Particular characteristics are that this resource pack has textures with more details and a more variety and diverse style of the nature elements.

Monsterley HD Universal is prepared and created for Minecraft 1.13.1 and it will not work for any other version than Minecraft 1.13.x.

Screenshots of Monsterley HD Universal Resource pack

Options of Monesterley HD Universal resource pack:

  • variety of randomy textures for plants and other blocks
  • different variants of flowers
  • rotating ground block textures (grass, dirt, snow, etc.) for a better and more diverse visualization
  • a lightmap considering the characteristics of biomes
  • a varied texturing of the trees foliage
  • 3D models (rail system, furnace, ladder, doors and more)
  • additional animations
  • the noteblock can display the instrument, the musical note and clicks.
  • high definition font
  • new paintings, place new desired paintings on your wall
  • clear structured GUI with good legibility
  • mapping shader support – support for a even more realistic look. Gives more depth and structure to the textures, but final look depends on the selected shader


Options possible with installed Optifine:

  • random alternative peaceful mobs
  • Glowstone presented as glowing stone in Nether but as lamp in the Overworld
  • custom sky
  • connected glass
  • Various villagers. For each profession a separate texture.
  • UI for Villager by profession

How to install Monesterley HD Universal Resource pack

1. Locate and open the Minecraft application folder.
Windows OS start Run from start menu and type %appdata% and then click on Run.
OSX (MAC) open Finmder, hold down Alt and click Go, then click on the Library in the top menu bar. Now open folder Applicaion Support and look for Minecraft.
Linux (most distributions), Minecraft folder is located on /home/yourusername/.minecraft ( dot (.) folder is hidden directory on Linux, so press Ctrl+H to unhide folder)
2. Copy the Resource pack file which you just have downloaded (.zip file) into the resourcepacks folder, inside of minecraft folder. If you don’t have this folder, create this folder by yourself.
3. Start Minecraft, start the game and in Game settings click on Resource Pack, and move this pack from the left to the right side of the screen.

Download Monesterley HD Universal Resource pack

For Minecraft 1.13.1, 1.13
Download Resource pack here

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Creator: MC_MonaLisa | Official link


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