TLauncher is the one of the most popular launchers for Minecraft game. Nowadays, there are several good Minecraft launchers so it is hard to decide which is the number one or which will best suits your needs. Anyway, we think that this application certainly deserves its place in the selection of one of the top five. If you do not know how to run Minecraft or you just want to have all versions of Minecraft games available at a same time in just a mouse click away, it’s certainly a good idea to try this launcher.

One of the most popular Minecraft launchers

What makes this TLauncher interesting and fun?

You can use this launcher to install and run any version of Minecraft game at any time. From the last stable 1.13.2 version, to the most played versions. Do not think that the firsts version are unavailable because you will be astonished with the incredible number of versions from Minecraft 1.0 to the latest stable.
Additionally, if you do not find this enough, you can find all and also all the latest Minecraft alpha versions.
Therefore, you can find out what is new in upcoming Minecraft game. Of course, you have to keep in mind that this alpha versions are just for testing purposes and that it is possible that something sometimes doesn’t work as expected.

Install Forge, Optifine plugins with TLauncher just with one click

Thanks to the simplicity of the this Minecraft launcher application, you will be able to choose not only the various Minecraft game versions, but you will be able to choose the installations that include the inevitable Optifine and Forge. For all the mod lovers and all Minecraft community there is no need to worry about exhausting installations. Just download TLauncher and everything you need for Minecraft is prepared and ready to use.

A rich selection of skins in TLauncher

If you successfully run this launcher, you will notice that there is also the rich offer of Minecraft skins. Only problem is that installed or chosen skin is only visible if you are user of this application. Authors of this application are claiming that there is a lot of TLauncher users, but anyway, if you use skin via this application, remember that all users will not see your skin out of this application. We are suggesting to try our simple system and browse in our MineThatCraft Skin collection here.

Screenshot of TLauncher

How to install TLauncher

We prefer just to download universal .jar version which is fine for all OS’s (Windows, OSX and Linux). Right mouse click on .jar file which you have grabbed from link below (unzipped if it is in .zip archive) and choose start .jar file with Java.

Download TLauncher for launching Minecraft game

for Windows, TLauncher v2.66 >> DOWNLOAD
for Windows, TLauncher v2.65 >> DOWNLOAD
for Windows, TLauncher v2.6 >> DOWNLOAD

for Linux/OSX, TLauncher v2.66 >> DOWNLOAD
for Linux/OSX, TLauncher v2.65 >> DOWNLOAD
for Linux/OSX, TLauncher v2.6 >> DOWNLOAD

Show all versions of TLauncher >> Show all download links

Please share your thought about this awesome Minecraft launcher? Do you like that you don’t need to separately download Optifine and/or Forge? Leave us a comment below.

Creator/Owner: TLauncher | Official web site



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