TNTcraft map is a survival map for Minecraft 1.13.2 created by the famous author Nico_The_Pro. The author Nico_The_Pro has created and published dozens of minecraft maps and we have already described some of them on these web pages.

TNTfied Minecraft world, watch where you step because you will step on TNT for sure

TNTcraft map is simply a map with a lot, a lot of TNT blocks. TNT blocks all around and everywhere. But you have to be careful. Every time you step on the TNT block it becomes a Super Duper Crazy Activated TNT block. And that is it. You can not step on it again. If you step again at the Super Duper Crazy Acitvated block it will explode and all connected blocks in a row will explode that you have previously stepped on.
So, in one wrong move you can literally destroy all of your current world.

This map is just a concept map where you can try a map built only of TNTs. Enjoy in this map and if you want to create your own TNT map just follow these instructions.

How to TNTify your map to TNTcraft map

1) Download this map in the download section below, extract the .zip file and open the created folder (name of folder is TNTCraft)
2) Copy the file and the datapack folder ( is the resource pack that makes everything look crazy, the datapack folder contains the commands that make the activated TNT spawn and go BOOM)
3) Go to the save folder you want to TNTfy
4) Paste what you have just copied (If there are any conflicts just clik on “Replace” or “Merge”)
Your map is ready, and now you have TNTcrafted map.

Screenshots of TNTcraft map

How to install TNTcraft map

1. Locate and open the Minecraft application folder.
Windows OS start Run from start menu and type %appdata% and then click on Run.
OSX (MAC) open Finder, hold down Alt and click Go, then click on the Library in the top menu bar. Now open folder Applicaion Support and look for Minecraft.
Linux (most distributions), Minecraft folder is located on /home/yourusername/.minecraft ( dot (.) folder is hidden directory on Linux, so press Ctrl+H to unhide folder, or check in your filebrowser under view or settings)
3. Copy the map file which you just have downloaded into the saves folder, inside of Minecraft folder. Extract from rar/zip archive. Map must be extracted to saves folder and contain its subfolder.
4. Start Minecraft and choose installed map.

Download TNTcraft map

For Minecraft 1.13.2
DOWNLOAD – Click here to download this map

Creator: Nico_The_Pro | Offical link to map


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